10 TIPS for MICROSOFT TEAMS you SHOULD KNOW - Teams Tutorial for Beginners

Today I'm going to show you 10 tips & tricks to get better and more productive in Microsoft Teams Let's start with tip number 1.


In Microsoft Teams you can enable the dark theme. If you work four hours in a row with the white background you can quickly get eye strain. To change the theme go to your profile, go to settings and then choose dark. There it is you can go back in there for hours.

Tip number 2 is notifications.

With a lot of people working at home you don't want to get a notification from Teams every 5 minutes.

Fortunately, all the notifications can be adjusted or even turned off. Go to your profile, go to settings and then

notifications. For each function within Teams you can change or disable the notification.

Tip number 3 is one I use every day.

When you have multiple chats, teams and channels sometimes there's no longer an overview. You can't forget or lose those important messages from a colleague with the save function. Move the cursor to the right top corner of the message and click on the ellipsis button. Then you will see 'save this message'. To find all saved messages again click on your profile and then click on 'saved'. All saved messages are now on the left side.

To keep an overview of many teams and channels you can pin channels you use a lot. These Blog are now always at the top of the list on the Teams page

and also stays under the team where it belongs.

Another way to quickly navigate to a channel is to use a command. Typ /goto followed by the name of a channel and you can navigate to a channel with one click.

If you, as a team owner, want to

keep a team serious you can choose to turn off the ability to send memes and GIFs. Right click on the channel and go to manage settings, then go to settings and under the option 'No fun' you can turn everything off. But a bit of humour is recommended.

Tip number 4 is to work more

efficiently. If you use a file often and work in it often it's easy to access it quickly. You can just add it as a tab. Go to the files of a channel and click on the ellipsis button. There you will see the option to make it a tab and there you go,

from now on a quick access to the file you often work on.

Tip number 5 is a tip for team administrators. If you need to create a team with the same structure more often you can easily select a template. Click on create a new team but choose using an existing team as a template. Here you select from which team you want to take over the structure and you are ready to go.

You have saved some time with creating a new team.

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Synchronizing is already a well-known option in sharepoint but can also be done with teams. Click on sync per channel on the files page and now this folder, that is a Teams channel, is also visible in your Windows Explorer.

If a Team is created within Teams a site page is created on SharePoint. For channels SharePoint creates folders. You can also open files from Teams in

SharePoint and then perform more actions and see more information in SharePoint.

Such as viewing the version history of a file.

Within Teams you don't have to share all the files with others. You can also work alone on files and manage them. This way you don't have to open another program or window. Click on files at the bar on the left and you will see a OneDrive in case your account is


Besides Onedrive you can also add cloud storage from Dropbox, Box and Google Drive.

Those were already the 10 Microsoft Teams tips for beginners. Let me know what tips to help you out.

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